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The Ecomundi School
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The Ecomundi School
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Ecomundi is a holistic, ecologically minded, non-profit school with the purpose of providing high quality education and thereby to contribute to sustainable community development.

Our pedagogical concept in the preschool level is based on Montessori Education, and in elementary school it is also enriched with other holistic pedagogical methods and tools such as Freynet and Pedagogia 3000 http://www.pedagooogia3000.info . Ecomundi is recognized by the “Secretaria de Educacion Publica” (the Ministry of Education of Mexico).

The school is located in the heart of the Nierika Ecovillage in the beautiful mountains of  of Chalmita/ Edo de Mexico

Escuela Ecomundi *sideview

We have created a pedagogic environment where the individuality of every child is honored and where children can develop all of their capabilities maximally. The school has a strong focus on creating environmental consciousness in children and their families. Love of learning, artistic expression and healthy relationship of the individual to the community are other central values that are instilled and encouraged.



Also acquiring at least one second language (English) in a natural way is an essential part of the curriculum in Ecomundi

Complimentary to the education of children we have the intention of contributing to a sustainable development of the local community, through adult education in areas such as pedagogy, ecology and organic farming, nutrition, health and social psychological issues.

Children in Montessori School Ecomundi

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