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The Ecomundi School

Ecomundi is a holistic, ecologically minded, non-profit school with the purpose of providing high quality education and thereby to contribute to sustainable community development.

Our pedagogical concept in the preschool level is based on Montessori Education, and in elementary school it is also enriched with other holistic pedagogical methods and tools such as Freynet and Pedagogia 3000 http://www.pedagooogia3000.info . Ecomundi is recognized by the “Secretaria de Educacion Publica” (the Ministry of Education of Mexico).

The school is located in the heart of the Nierika Ecovillage in the beautiful mountains of  of Chalmita/ Edo de Mexico

Escuela Ecomundi *sideview

We have created a pedagogic environment where the individuality of every child is honored and where children can develop all of their capabilities maximally. The school has a strong focus on creating environmental consciousness in children and their families. Love of learning, artistic expression and healthy relationship of the individual to the community are other central values that are instilled and encouraged.



Also acquiring at least one second language (English) in a natural way is an essential part of the curriculum in Ecomundi

Complimentary to the education of children we have the intention of contributing to a sustainable development of the local community, through adult education in areas such as pedagogy, ecology and organic farming, nutrition, health and social psychological issues.

Children in Montessori School Ecomundi


Our educational program has been met with a favorable reception in the town

Malinalco, where we began our work in 2002, and in San Ambrosio Chalmita, a village near Malinalco, where our school is now actually in operation.


Thanks to a series of generous donations, the school counts with first level installations in a beautiful ecological environment on the edge of the forest where the children can grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

Donations/ How to support


trilingual school

Ecomundi is a school, which principally serves a community of modest means, so the tuition fees are not enough to support the maintenance, enhancement and growth of the school.

All the administration of the school is done by voluntary work of association members. Our teachers are all very committed to the project and work for a modest salary, some of them even donate part of their work.

Many children of limited economic means, like single mothers, receive scholarships covering from 10 -95% of the tuition which is currently  1350 pesos/ month (around 115 Dollars) in preschool and 1700pesos/month (around 134 US Dollasr) in elementary school. This tuition is intended to cover the cost of education and includes no room for any financial profit by the association, which is in charge of the school.The actual tuition paid by 75% of the children varies in between symbolic 100 pesos and 800 pesos/ month (which would be around 8 to 63 Dollars).

.There are always many applications of families who want to join the project, however Ecomundi’s ability to receive new students is limited by funds. Therefore, in order to ensure the Ecomundi's ability to further enrich the educational career of its students, the school needs the economic support of concerned and proactive people, like you, who think that education is the means to improve life and create a sustainable future.

In addition to receiving cash donations, educational materials, computer equipment, real estate, etc. to support the maintenance, enhancement and growth of the school, Ecomundi has set up a scholarship campaign called “Plan Padrino” through which you may donate an amount equal to the tuition for one school cycle for a youngster whose family could otherwise not afford it. Unless you earmark your donation for a specific child, Ecomundi uses the "plan padrino" donations for the benefit of the education of very gifted children with socioeconomic disadvantages. The school's transparent operations policy guarantees this.

We are requesting funding support for development of Ecomundi Montessori school’s program for education in ecological sustainability. In response to the current food production and consumption trends, we intend to change towards a more localized and sophisticated agricultural relationship. For this purpose, we are committed to enhance the capacity of the garden to provide the nutritional, medicinal and spiritual needs of the students, emphasizing plant diversity, soil vitality, preservation and proliferation of ethnobotanical wisdom.

In order to integrate the garden classroom in the wider curriculum of the school and community, we will prepare meals with locally grown produce and host workshops for teachers and parents in permaculture principles of organic gardening, waste management, appropriate technology and water stewardship. Accordingly, we hope that the Ecomundi school becomes a beacon for cultural evolution of lifestyles in harmony and greater consciousness with Mother Earth.



About us

In 2002 a group of enthusiastic parents came together to form The Educational Community of Malinalco (Communidad Educativa Malinalco A.C.), a non profit civic association, whose purpose is to improve the development of future generations and to contribute to sustainable community development.

What is a Montessori School?

The Montessori method originated by is an educational method for children, based on theories of child developmentItalian educator Maria Montessori in the late 19th and early 20th century. It is applied primarily in preschool and elementary school settings


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